Be Prepared With an Emergency Roadside Kit For Your Denver Area Drive

October 7th, 2019 by

Emergency Roadside Kit

Snow is in the forecast! Whether adventuring in the mountains or commuting along the Colorado Front Range, now is the time to prepare your vehicle with an emergency roadside kit. A winter emergency kit can be the key to help you dig out of a snow drift, or even stay comfortable during an extended roadside stay in harsh conditions. It’s easy to create your own kit. Here is a list of items that can assist you for that unexpected winter emergency situation. 

  • Jumper Cables- Frigid weather can play havoc on your car battery. A set of battery jumper cables are a “must have” for your winter driving emergency kit. Having a set of these cables stashed in the cargo area of your vehicle makes it simple to get a jump start from other drivers, or even assist someone else with their battery issues. 
  • Portable Shovel – If stuck in deep snow, keeping your family warm will be a priority. While running the engine, a portable shovel will allow you to easily keep your tailpipe clear of snow. This important tool can also help you to dig around your tires and get back on the road. 
  • Cell Phone Charger – It’s impossible to call for assistance if your cell phone is dead. Keep a cell phone charger in your vehicle so you can keep your phone fully-charged, and ultimately call for help. 
  • Water and Food – A small bag containing bottled water and food items like granola bars can be easily stowed in the cargo area of your vehicle and are essential for any winter driving emergency kit.  
  • First Aid Kit- Keep a small first aid kit in your vehicle to take care of minor cuts. This kit should include adhesive bandages, alcohol swabs, and ointment. Add hand warmer packets to your first aid kit to use on your hands and feet to avoid frostbite.  
  • Flashlight and Batteries – These are essential for any winter emergency kit. Make sure you change out the batteries in your kit regularly with fresh batteries. 
  • Portable Air Compressor – A portable air compressor does not take much room to store and can plug in to your 12V power receptacle. A can of Fix-a-Flat can also be effective to get you back on the road and to the nearest service station.  
  • Hats/Gloves/Warm Clothing – Hats, gloves, and even a warm blanket can be the key to survival if stranded overnight in winter conditions.  

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