Buy or Lease Your Next Performance Vehicle at Mike Ward Alfa Romeo

March 18th, 2019 by

Buy or lease your vehicle near Denver

When you are ready to acquire a new vehicle, there are so many choices to make.  It takes a tremendous amount of thought to decide which type of vehicle, which specific make and model, and even which dealership to trust for your vehicle purchase.  In addition, there is the choice between buying and leasing your vehicle.  Both are excellent options and the friendly Finance Department staff at Mike Ward Alfa Romeo is eager to talk to you about the benefits of each.

When you choose to buy your next vehicle, you will own that vehicle.  You might be making payments on it; thus, the finance company has an interest in the vehicle, but it is essentially yours.  Most likely there will be a down payment required for your purchase, or a trade-in with equity.  The lender will decide this based on many factors including your credit score.  When the payments are done, the vehicle is 100% yours!  Because you have purchased, the vehicle’s equity eventually becomes your own.  You will be able to trade it in toward a future vehicle purchase or even sell it outright if desired.   That means you have something to show for the years of payments made on the vehicle.

Leasing has its own benefits too.  With a lease, you do not own the vehicle.  You are basically paying for the use of the vehicle while the finance institution retains ownership.  This usually allows you to pay less each month for using that vehicle.  Your lease will likely not require a down payment, however, there may be a security deposit and acquisition fee plus any applicable fees and taxes.  The vehicle might come with mileage limits and guidelines regarding acceptable wear and tear.  If you exceed these, you could incur additional expenses at the end of the lease term.  At the end of the lease, the vehicle can be returned to the financial institution or you can complete a purchase for the vehicle.

For more information on vehicle purchase and lease options, contact the Mike Ward Alfa Romeo Finance Department in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  We would be happy to tell you more about each option and how each might benefit your situation.  Better yet, stop into our Denver area dealership to choose the Alfa Romeo car or SUV that is right for you, then let our finance experts help you find the right program to drive it home today!