Keep Your Alfa Romeo Car or SUV Clean and Shining For Your Colorado Drive

June 17th, 2019 by

Sparkling 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Your vehicle looks amazing after a detail, but did you know you can keep your Alfa Romeo car or SUV looking super without professional detailing?   All you need is a variety of good quality products, some of your time, and a little elbow grease and you can be proud of your hard work!  It won’t take much to make your stylish Alfa Romeo shine!

Gather Up Your Supplies – You’re going to need a variety of products to help you detail your Alfa Romeo vehicle.  A wet/dry shop vacuum, a good quality air compressor, a suite of cleaners (upholstery, carpet, all-surface), and cloths are all needed to complete your complete cleaning.   

Clean Up Your Detailing Area – It’s important to have a designated area where you’re going to work on detailing, but keep in mind that if you’re working on your driveway your vehicle will get warm.  Your exterior cleaning products will be harder to clean off if the vehicle is warm.  Another option if the inside of your garage – but be sure to clear out any boxes or other junk that may prohibit your work. 

Time to Start Detailing – When you’ve finished the first two steps, it’s time to start working!  First you should clean out any trash in the vehicle, then use your vacuum and the various attachments to get every little space.  If you can’t get into small spaces, use a small air compressor or cotton swabs.  Next, clean the surfaces.  Use the cleaners for the appropriate areas, i.e. carpet cleaner on the carpet and an all-surface cleaner on the dashboard.  Then it’s time to work on the outside.  Give your car a good hand wash and use microfiber cloths to dry.   

It’s not too difficult to keep your Alfa Romeo looking good thanks to its stylish design!  If you follow these steps, it will stay sparkling and clean as well.  Make sure to pamper your Alfa Romeo by detailing and cleaning your vehicle this summer!  If you decide you would like to accessorize your vehicle to make it stand out even more, contact Mike Ward Alfa Romeo Parts Department near Denver!