Let Mike Ward Alfa Romeo Help You With Your Next Vehicle Purchase or Lease

December 24th, 2017 by

Mike Ward Alfa Romeo Near Denver Colorado

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to lease or purchase your next vehicle. Here is some information that might be helpful in making your decision:

· If you purchase a vehicle (no matter how you buy it – through financing or cash), it is yours. If you lease a vehicle, you only have that vehicle through your lease term and your financial institution technically owns it.

· When you buy a vehicle, you will either need to put down a down payment or trade-in another vehicle if you are financing. When leasing a vehicle, in most cases you do not need to put a down payment.

· The future value of your purchased vehicle is worth whatever you can sell it for in the future. A leased vehicle is not yours so it holds no resale value for you.

· The end of your payments with a purchased vehicle end when you pay off your contracted amount. You can return a lease when you finish your lease term, but some people like to purchase their leased car at the end. This means you will have to make a purchase to keep the vehicle.

Here at Mike Ward Alfa Romeo in Highlands Ranch, Colorado we can help you with purchasing or leasing a luxurious Alfa Romeo vehicle. Contact our helpful Finance Department for more information on both options.  We can provide more details that might make the decision process easier.