Stay Safe With Winter Roadside Safety Tips

November 6th, 2018 by

Roadside winter safety tips

Having a vehicle break down on the side of the road during a snow storm or a blizzard is a scary experience. Whether it is a battery problem, a flat tire, or even your car running out of gas, this can happen to any motorist. But there are some ways to handle the situation without panicking!

First and foremost, if you cannot see a building nearby, it is usually safer to stay with your vehicle. Make sure the exterior exhaust of your vehicle isn’t congested with snow so that carbon monoxide doesn’t build up. When the car has heated up, turn off the car so you can preserve gas, then turn it back on when it becomes colder again. Before restarting, always check to be sure the exhaust is free of snow build up.  Also make sure that your hazards are on and your seat belt is on because there is still a chance that a vehicle may slide on ice or snow and hit your vehicle. If you become dehydrated, melt some snow to drink if you don’t have a water bottle on hand.

After calling roadside assistance, the police, or a family member or friend if possible, conserve your cell phone battery as much as possible.  If you have a winter emergency survival kit in your vehicle, use the contents of it conservatively if you aren’t sure when help is arriving. If you follow all of these tips and tricks, you can keep yourself safe even if you find yourself in this challenging situation!

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