Make a Great Tailgating Kit for Your Alfa Romeo in Colorado

September 6th, 2022 by

Game Day Tailgating Tips

Get Ready for Football Season in Colorado with a Well-Stocked Tailgating Kit

Football and sports season is back, and that means tailgating with friends and family at games is going to be a popular weekend activity. If you plan on taking your Alfa Romeo out to a college or professional game, you want to be prepared with a proper tailgating kit. Mike Ward Alfa Romeo of South Denver in Highlands Ranch, CO, would like to share some components needed for the ultimate tailgating kit. A well-equipped kit will make any tailgating session that much more enjoyable while you enjoy the game and the atmosphere with your friends and family. 

Must-Have Tailgating Kit Inclusions

Grill & Grilling Accessories – Without a great grill and grilling accessories, what kind of tailgating party can you have? Depending on the Alfa Romeo vehicle you are taking to your sporting event, find a single burner grill or larger to cook your favorite burgers and hot dogs on. Don’t forget accessories such as tongs and spatulas as well! Do you use a special sauce or glaze for your food? A spray bottle filled with your favorite substance should be at the ready at all times. 

Cooler – Not only do you need great food for your tailgating party but cold drinks as well. A quality cooler that can carry your favorite drinks and plenty of ice to keep everything cold is a must-have addition to your tailgating kit. There are many great ones out on the market today, but make sure you have one that will easily carry enough of your beverages and food items that need to stay cold. 

Canopy, Chairs & Table – After you’ve prepared all the delicious food and are ready to party with your family and friends, you need tables and chairs to sit around and enjoy the company. Folding tables and chairs are not only a necessity, but they can easily fit into your Alfa Romeo and not take up too much space. A canopy to keep the sun and elements off you while you are grilling, or eating is a worthwhile investment to make if you want to have the best tailgating experience possible.